Ayurvedic and Unani Tibbia College and Hospital (AUTCH) is a historical institute in India. The foundation stone of the institute was laid down by Lord Hardinge, the then viceroy of India on 29th March 1916. Previously this college was managed by a board established under Tibbia College Act, 1952. This act now has been replaced by a new Act known as Delhi Tibbia college take over Act, 1998 and enforced by the government of NCT of Delhi with effect from 1st May 1998. The college is affiliated to the University of Delhi since 1973. 


There are 14 Academic Departments in Ayurveda :-

  1. Maulika siddhanta
  2. Kriya Sharira
  3. Rachna Sharira
  4. Dravyaguna Vigyan
  5. Agad Tantra Evum Vidhi Vaidyaka
  6. Rasa-Shastra Evam Bhaishajya Kalpana
  7. Rog Nidan Evam Vikriti Vigyanam
  8. Swasthavritta And Yoga
  9. Prasuti Tantra Evum Stri Roga
  10.   Kaumarbhritya
  11.   Kayachikitsa
  12.   Panchakarma
  13.   Shalya Tantra
  14.   Shalakya Tantra 


The hospital has 20 OPDs with Ayurveda and Unani specialization providing the services to the public and practical training to the UG and PG students. College and Hospital is having Diagnostic/Clinical laboratories for the patients and also for practical training to students and research work of PG students. 


  • The panchakarma unit environment ensures patients safety.
  •  There are regular services and cleaning of panchakarma instruments and their maintenance done through the staff at a regular period.
  •  Procedures are performed according to ayurvedic classical text i.e. the procedures like virechana, Niruha basti are done in a collaborative manner, the patients vitals and other symptoms are monitored by all the duty doctors present in unit and IPD as per the requirement.